SAVE-THE-DATE! 15th of April 2017 Solidarity event Perù-Belgium


Torrential rains and massive floodings have been hitting 12 peruvian regions in the last few weeks. More than 90 people died and it has been estimated by official sources that more than 700.000 people have been left homeless.

Damages to roads and infrastructures are widespread; farmers lost their crops and animals, often their houses and everything they ever had. It is a humanitarian disaster, as unfortunately there are many on this world…extreme weather conditions, climate change keep hitting those areas which are more vulnerable…

On the other side of the ocean, in Belgium, NGOs, associations, organisations of the civil society as well as simple citizens have spontaneously convened in a general assembly last week to coordinate efforts and raise money to contribute what they can to help Perù facing this tough moment.

Ayni Viru attended the meeting and, let me tell you, it has been so moving to see so many Peruvian citizens, who have been living in Belgium for decades, in Antwerp, Brussels, Liege, etc getting together, with representatives of the Peruvian consulate as well, to discuss how to help. Next to the Peruvian community, there were fellows from Ecuador, Bolivia and other Andean countries, all together, same community, a unique common strenght. Some Europeans were also in the room, because we all share this world, and we all want to help each other…

Everybody had something to offer: so many women offered to prepare delicious dishes, gentlemen offered their trucks, other manpower, or skills, artists and musicians offered their melodies and songs…any help was and is welcome….

So…..this lovely crowd is currently working hard to organise a solidarity event, which will take place on April 15th in Brussels at La Tentation: a day of music, good food, dances and solidarity, so note it down in your agenda!

More info will follow on: 

Will see you there!

Ayni Viru


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